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I reached something new in my meditation this morning—an insight so subtle I can’t yet put words to it.⁣ It’s as if I finally understood what my teacher means when he asks: ”What exists in the space between your thoughts?”.⁣

I’ve listened and listened, and although I, theoretically, understand where he’s getting at, I have yet to know it in my heart. I don’t know if I ever fully will, but today, I got my first real glimpse of it—a subtle feeling of what rests between my thoughts.⁣

I feel like I’m slowly creating that space around my thoughts that allows me to explore the field of consciousness. Or is it the other way around? I’m, honestly, not sure what comes first. My thoughts and my consciousness are so entangled, yet completely separate.⁣

I’ve been struggling a bit with my practice lately—have had some resistance towards sitting down and quieting my mind. But after some guidance from my teacher and with a whole lot of persistency, I’ve slowly removed the obstacle.⁣

It feels great to be back on my little meditation pillow again. My safe spot. The only place where I can reach complete serenity.⁣

I’ve always been bad at establishing new routines and I’ve had a tendency of quitting right before it got difficult. The meditation is actually the only thing I’ve done almost every day since I first started. And I guess it makes sense, seeing its tremendous effects on my body and mind.⁣

I just have to remind myself of that in times of struggle. Because it won’t always be easy. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that there are plenty of ghosts waiting to be discovered in my subconscious.⁣

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